Carla McRae

Carla McRae works as both an artist and illustrator across multiple mediums, such as drawing, digital illustration, sculpture, installation, murals and publications. With her signature blend of both detail and minimalism she creates bright, colourful work with bold forms and fine lines. McRae is influenced by cartoons, popular culture and everyday observation. Thematically her work often explores the realm of emotions, evoking hope, happiness and optimism through dynamic and playful visual narratives.

In her commercial practice, Carla has worked and collaborated with notable local and international clients. From editorial, publishing, branding and apparel, to large-scale mural projects and teaching programs, her work is diverse and multidisciplinary.

Carla completed a Bachelor of Arts (Design & Communication) at the University of the Sunshine Coast. She has exhibited her work in galleries around Australia and is represented commercially in Australia, North America, Europe and the United Kingdom by The Jacky Winter Group.