Loretta Lizzio


Loretta Lizzio is a painter, illustrator, photographer and all around creative artist whose work adorns walls and galleries throughout Australia and beyond. She has been creating and making art ever since she can remember, but after a life-changing accident and adjusting to motherhood, she has learnt to draw on her experiences, both good and bad, as inspiration for her artistic pursuits. Loretta's ethereal works capture the viewer’s imagination with their intimate nature. You can’t help but blissfully lose yourself in the beauty, intimacy, passion and colours of her detailed creations.

Loretta started out as an illustrator in 2008 using only pen and pencil on paper, she has since developed a wide range of skills, even crossing into digital animation. Originally from far north Queensland, her childhood in this exotic rural setting was idyllic. “Because of my rural upbringing, I have a strong feeling for nature and this is a recurring theme in my art. My palette is sombre and although the subject matter may seem sad, this doesn’t reflect who I am in reality. That said, I find it comforting to view a work that shows suffering or darkness. It helps to ground you as life will always take you by surprise and keep you on your toes."