Nate Gamble is an ex tattoo artist now turned professional furniture maker.

@Kova_handmade began as his way to reuse offcuts of wood destined for landfill. Out of these scraps of recycled timber, Nate crafts indoor planter pots and chopping boards, each a unique work of art. 

The process involves cleaning up the timber, dressing it and gluing it together to make small batch beautiful objects, with contrasting patterns and symmetry created by the natural grains of the wood.

Nate completed an apprenticeship of cabinet making and furniture making with @ChristopherBlank and was named Australian apprentice of the year in 2021.

He is influenced by minimalist good design and functionality. 

Each Kova creation is unique and made to last. Using recycled material gives a distinctive character and pattern to each item, making no two pieces the same!