MEGGS | Artist

David ‘MEGGS’ Hooke is a mural, street and fine artist recognized for his large scale murals and detailed paintings that combine elements of nature, urban life and abstraction to evokes a sense of flowing movement and constant change. His work explores core themes of sustainability, consumerism, duality and decay in a continuing exploration of his own connectivity to personal identity and place. Heavily influenced in his youth by skate/surf art David graduated from Swinburne School of Design with a Bachelor of Design in 2000. David’s artistic practice began as a street artist around 2003 when he adopted the moniker ‘MEGGS’ and became a founding member of the EVERFRESH Studio (circa. 2003) which is now regarded as one of Australia’s most active and influential street art collectives. MEGGS has since established himself as a professional mural and gallery artist with over 20 years with an expertise in producing dynamic large scale murals which investigate and reflect the environment and cultures of their surrounds.