Melbourne bushfood

Melbourne bushfood got its start in September 2019 with a social mission to bring native ingredients into as many tummies as we could! Hayden Marks was 21 at the time with a huge drive to turn his passion for equality and sustainability into a force for change. People need to eat, and the practises we have in place looked like there could be no alternative. Nature was being mowed down, streams polluted, and animal life was seemingly wiped out. How could a single 21-year-old even challenge such an old system?! 

That's where we found a vast network of Aboriginal Enterprises, Wild Harvesters, and Small Farmers who had the same passion and love for native ingredients. They have respect, kindness to Country and drive for an ethical industry, so we started to work together. Understanding the importance of Indigenous Ecological Knowledge, we knew we didn't want a business that's sole focus was on profits. We wanted an enterprise that gave back social benefits to the producers we worked with - and that's where the idea for Melbourne Bushfood came from.

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