Yarn Industries


Emma aka Yarn Industries is a hand embroidery artist based in Naarm (Melbourne, Australia). From her small (2m2) studio in Preston, she creates beautifully hand-stitched works inspired by Australia's incredible native flora and Melbourne’s stunning local architecture. You’ll find original one off pieces of hand embroidered hoop art, embroidered accessories and beginners embroidery kits aimed at making embroidery accessible to everyone.

After learning embroidery from her Grandmother, Emma is passionate about keeping this traditional art-form alive and hopes to inspire future generations of stitchers with her ‘Beginners Guide to Embroidery’ kits and workshops. Embroidery is a great therapeutic activity to switch off, slow down and relax the mind patiently watching your design come to life on the fabric stitch by stitch.

With a background in Graphic Design, Emma also has a love for paper and print. When she’s not sewing, she can usually be found meticulously trimming, collating and assembling her embroidery kits and booklets by hand. Every Yarn Industries product is individually crafted by her with love.